Why Do We Love Photography? A Thirty Somethings Photographic Journey. Rapidly Changing Technology. 1987-1999 Part 11

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pentax with zoom lens 1993

Pentax 1993

In 1989, I was introduced to the single lens reflex Pentax 35mm. The Pentax 35mm along with the Minolta version, would be my choice cameras as journalism student in middle and high school. The great thing about the Pentax SLR was the option to swap out a small lens for a much larger 300mm lens to shoot sporting events. Interchangible lenses and the option to change shutter speed and aperture settings along with adding a number of flash options made it the ideal choice for a young photographer.
The only downside to this particular camera was ensuring that the film roll was completely rolled properly so that exposure does not occur. Another problem was sometimes the back panel would pop open randomly exposing your film. An issue that later models fixed. Nevertheless, that silver and black camera looked cool and could be customized. Some of my fondest memories of newspaper and yearbook class were hauling around the Pentax to different events.


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