Why Do We Love Photography? A Thirty Somethings Photographic Journey. Rapidly Changing Technology. 1987-1999 Part 10

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The year 1987 was a memorable one for several reasons, but when speaking of photography, it was the year I was introduced to Nikon for the first time. The camera brand that would ultimately become my primary camera of choice all began with a simple camera known as the “One Touch”. The “One Touch” used standard 35mm film and had a better flash than other light weight models of the late 80s.
This camera fell in between the disposable and SLR cameras because it was light weight and affordable like the disposable, but had automatic focus like SLRs. Unlike the SLRs, the “One Touch” gave photographers a bit more range than disposables but no opportunity to swap out for a bigger lens. Nevertheless, it’s portability made it the preferred companion for road trips in the late 80s and early 90s.

Nikon One Touch


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