Why Do We Love Photography? A Thirty Somethings Photographic Journey. The early years 1976-1986 Part Seven

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JVC 1980s camcorder1980s video camera
In addition to having still image cameras, those many trips to garage sales in the 1980s yielded the over-the-shoulder video camera. For a kid it was heavy to carry around much like a pair of golf clubs, but the idea of recording a moving image was still a cool concept. If I remember correctly we had two of them in the 1980s, one was a JVC and the other an RCA.
Upon getting these video cameras, I started to learn at an early age the fine art of video editing. The cameras that we had used a standard VHS tape and if you hit the rewind button and didn’t return to the correct point, you would erase the footage you had before. The only thing digital I recall about the cameras were the fact that you could imprint the date and time on your video. Video cameras have come a long way and are so much better now, but everything has to start somewhere and I spent a lot of hours experimenting with those cameras. Some of the cool features that I remember the most was being able to shoot a split screen and you could also shoot images in black and white as well as color. Several trips to the beach in the 1980s were recorded using these camera “dinosaurs”, but they sure were fun.


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