Why Do We Love Photography? A Thirty Somethings Photographic Journey. The early years 1976-1986. Part One

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Polaroid 1970s

A lot of things have changed in our world since my youth, but my enjoyment of photography has not.  The first camera I ever picked up was a one step Polaroid Land Camera with flash bulbs mounted across the top.  It was an extremely easy camera to use because it required pushing one button, looking through a simple viewfinder, and developed the picture that I snapped on the spot without having to make a trip to get my film developed.  
I still remember my parents using what they dubbed as “The Polaroid” to record some of my important firsts such as walking and talking in place of video recording equipment which we didn’t have the luxury of owning.  “The Polaroid” was a God send for a low budget family in the mid to late 1970s with an ex-Army Drill Sergeant turned car salesmen “Dad” and civilian computer programmer “Mom” at the helm. At the early age of five breaking from my newly formed normal routine as a class clown in Catholic elementary school, mom and dad taught me to use “The Polaroid” and the fascination with photography and cameras of all shapes and sizes was launched.  A toast to you for starting the journey “The (almighty) Polaroid”.


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