Why Do We Love Photography? A Thirty Somethings Photographic Journey. The early years 1976-1986 Part Two

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Image courtesy of http://s.ecrater.com/stores/193930/4d618675ccb82_193930n.jpg
Image courtesy of http://s.ecrater.com/stores/193930/4d618675ccb82_193930n.jpg
Kodak Colorburst 1970s camera oneAs I mentioned in my first post, my lifelong journey with photography all began with that simple to use Polaroid camera. There were other fascinating cameras that hit the market in the 1970s and early 1980s that drew my attention. KODAK, the same company noted for making film for cameras, made its own cameras as well. The very Vintage 1970s Kodak Colorburst 250 Instant Photo Camera was another fun gadget that my family used in those early years.
Much like “The Polaroid”, our Kodak Colorburst 250 had a flash unit and could process a picture instantly sliding out of the side of the camera. The electronic flash for the Kodak Colorburst 250 was built into the camera and there was even a switch for light and darker settings. Unfortunately, the flash had a very limited range making even first and second grade graduation pictures look very dark in an otherwise fairly lit building. However, the Kodak Colorburst 250 just looked “cool” to a young kid in the late 70s and early 80s and the idea of instant pictures was just plain “awesome”.


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